We provide Windows developers with a extensive set of components combining of our most popular components: Smart Tabbed Dialog Control, Smart Outlookbar, Smart Calendar, SmartButton , Smart Splitter, Fom scroller to name a few.

All our products at a glance

Add paging/tabbed dialog support into your applications with ‘Smart Tabbed Dialog Control’. Control comes with tons of themes, styles and colors to suit your needs. This ActiveX component is fully design time mouse events aware so that you spend less time in switching between tabs/pages. And of course, each tab of the control is individually control container, reducing your efforts to manage controls at run time. Unicode version of this control is also available.

Smart OulookBar ActiveX offers stacked/paged windows similar to seen in Microsoft Office Suites. They provide easy use, easy to embed, a control container and a design time manipulation capable control, to give your applications MS Office SideBar like looks and behavior. Control offers in 5 different Themes ranging from flat, office 2000 and 3 different office 2003 Color Styles. Additionally, developers can also use OneNote colors and Luna colors. Not to mention, custom color support is there to fully customize OutlookBar as per your needs and choices.

Control comes with 2 separate and free controls to complement the Outlookbar to give your applications real MS Outlook Looks and Styles.

  • – Smart Label
  • – Smart MessageBox