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Adroit Technologies

Smart Components for Smart Windows Developers

 Adroit Technologies! - Smart Components for smart Windows developers

Adroit Technologies is a leading ActiveX component solution provider. Our mission is to provide the best GUI components to windows developers. Our components provides rich and wide varieties of UI styles and themes to adapt to fast changing system UI so that developers can make their windows applications at par with industry UI stranded with no extra efforts.


Developer and provider of industry leading GUI ActiveX components. We have rich domain experience of 12 years as a company and 150 years collectively. Our single point focus is to meet modern day GUI demands and our components speak for us


Our ActiveX controls are extremely easy to integrate in your project with no code changes in your existing visual studio projects, enabling you to focus on business logic and not deal with making controls work, and yet giving you broad choices of colors, styles and themes


Along with Smart Tabbed Dialog Control, which is our flagship product, we offer numerous products, some for free and some with cost but with ultimate aim of making all of it free to use one day


Purchase components, source codes and support terms. Or get in touch with us for bulk or site license. Options available for Educational Institution and non-profit organizations as well.